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Welcome to Astrorei: the software house specialized in custom solutions in the field of software development and web and mobile applications for companies. We are a team of IT enthusiast professional developers with the great desire to challenge ourselves. Together, we develop innovative solutions in order to meet our customers’ needs with an agile approach aimed at optimizing processes and achieving the preset goals. We are convinced that our professionals are our most important asset and we believe that giving value to each of us has a positive effect on performances and the quality of the service. In so doing, we have created a united, talented and heterogeneous team that allows us to offer an efficient, custom, and valuable service to the customer.

our values

our values

What we believe in

Quality over quantity

We always choose to give priority to quality rather than quantity. For this reason, we choose carefully our collaborators and our customers.

The value of technology

Not only are we passionate about technology, but we also know its business value. This allows us to always propose the most performing and efficient solutions for every project.


We keep pace with the newest technologies: we test and learn about all cutting-edge technologies in order to provide the best service.


We give value to the contribution of each team member. Unity is strength when it comes to brainstorming and finding the best solution together!

Efficient communication

We believe that efficient communication and an agile approach are key to achieving success. Discussing with the team and the customer allows us to be more efficient (and less stressed).

Ongoing learning

We never stop learning and improving our professional skills. We consider the training of all our team members to be of the utmost importance and we love challenging ourselves.

  • Top talents

  • Agile PM

  • Training and Culture

  • Expertise

  • Success

our method

The key to success

For us at Astrorei, the key to success consists of four main factors which, combined with our know-how, lead us to offer a complete and competitive service.

We constantly select top talents: the best human resources that are able to bring an added value, a new point of view and solid skills to our team. In fact, our team is composed of professionals with transversal skills, a great passion for IT, and considerable expertise in different areas of the IT sector. We believe that continuous collaboration and fluent communication are key to offering a successful service in full line with customer expectations. We are able to do this thanks to the use of the Agile methodology of Project Management, which makes our workflow lean, efficient and performing.
We are convinced that people are our most important asset. For this reason, everyday we commit to creating an exciting environment, where everyone has the chance to grow and give their best.

Do you see yourself in our values? Send us your CV and join us!

the experts

the experts

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