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Our developer team uses this language to improve the performance of key components within a software architecture, to develop for IOT and embedded systems, and to integrate specific functionality on backends and websites.

It is a multiparadigm language that integrates features of functional, imperative, and object-oriented programming. It provides excellent levels of performance, security, and control over projects because it combines low-level programming concepts similar to those found in C and C++, with which it is interchangeable, with specially created abstractions to reduce the possibility of bugs and security holes. It is therefore incredibly performant and, despite its complexity and a rather steep learning curve, offers modern features and tools that greatly facilitate the development stages.

In recent years, requests for development in Rust have increased dramatically, both for new implementations and for integrations on existing projects. Indeed, this technology is an excellent alternative to traditional C/C++ programming and is therefore being chosen by more and more companies, including Mozilla, Dropbox, Google, Microsoft and Amazon.

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Examples of use

Web-based services

We use Rust as a language for backend programming of different web applications with a tailored approach in order to provide each company with customized solutions.

Optimization of the key components

Thanks to its performance, we leverage Rust to optimize and speed up the key components of your architecture, thus improving the whole system.

Embedded systems

We build processing systems that integrate within an already started project in order to manage and monitor specific new functionalities.


We take advantage of the benefits of this technology to realize integrations and functionalities also for applications within the Internet of Things.



Why you should choose Rust

Developing in Rust brings numerous advantages for companies that choose this technology. Here are the main ones:

Better performance

This technology offers some of the best performance on the market in terms of speed, robustness and reliability, enabling us to realize complex projects by integrating advanced features for each specific need.

High quality standards

The ecosystem around Rust and the tooling provided directly by the language are designed to improve the entire development process and be as state-of-the-art as possible. This makes it possible to write robust and well-tested code with greater guarantees and fluidity.

Increased security

Rust excels in its security and control systems because of the memory safety achieved without garbage collectors. This brings multiple benefitsDUEPUNTI in addition to lightening the code and speeding up the application, it also makes it more secure and less prone to external attacks and security holes.

Early error resolution

Thanks to its high expressiveness and modern building and debugging tools, this language makes it possible to detect errors at compile time easily and accurately, thus helping to resolve any problems before they are released into production.

Cross-platform development

It allows operation on all operating systems (Windows, Macintosh and Linux) to develop different types of applications, web services, embedded and integrations for IOT. And thanks to compilation in WASM (Web Assembly), it can be easily integrated into frontend web systems where needed.


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