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We specialize in developing applications and microservices in Node.js for companies in all industries.


Web and app development in Node.js

Astrorei is a software house specializing in backend development in Node.js for building applications and microservices. We provide companies with our know-how and years of experience with the goal of meeting the specific needs of each client.

Node.js is a runtime system for executing server-side JavaScript code that is based on the concept of asynchronous, event-driven programming. This technology can offer your company several competitive advantages, including a faster, more efficient and cheaper development process than other programming languages.

The considerable advantage of developing in Node is the ability to capitalize on the largest ecosystem of open source packages and resources in the industry. Thanks to the structure of the runtime system, you are able to achieve performance similar to what you would get with multithreaded development, but without the complexity of multithreaded programming. In addition, Cloud services provide Lambda runtimes that allow Node to run at significantly reduced cost.

Long story short, this technology offers the possibility of customizing and integrating features. Whatever your company's needs, Astrorei will work out the solution that best fulfills them.

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Examples of use

Mobile app

We make use of Node.js as a tooling and accelerator in iOS and Android application development.

Web app

We build custom web app backends for companies in every industry.

Web server

We create and develop classic webservers and webservers for server-side rendering of web applications.

APIs e microservizi

We use Node.js for the development of APIs, microservices and all those applications that benefit from an asynchronous and event-based environment.



Seven reasons why you should use Node.js for your application

Developing in Node has many advantages: first and foremost scalability and optimal performance. Thanks to these features and its versatility, this technology is suitable for developing different types of services and has been chosen by some main players such as PayPal, Twitter, Rakuten, LinkedIn and Netflix. Here are the main advantages of developing in Node.js:

Shorter time-to-market

The developing times of Node Projects are among the fastest in the industry. This allows us to optimize timelines in the development and maintenance phases of applications, resulting in reduced time-to-market.

Maximum customization

JavaScript holds the largest assortment of libraries among all languages. This allows us to operate with maximum customization to provide your business with tailored digital solutions.


The architecture style turns out to be perfect for integrating microservices. This gives us greater flexibility in the development phases and allows us to operate quickly during maintenance work.

Cross-platform development

Another great advantage of this runtime environment is its availability for all operating systems (Windows, Mac, and Linux) and all hardware architectures without any limitations.

Better performance

Thanks to the event loop, you benefit from multithreading, which is the ability of the application to run multiple processes simultaneously. This makes the best use of computational resources without the involvement of the much more complex multithreaded programming.

Ease of maintenance

Maintenance processes are also quite fast, which allows us to intervene promptly with updates, optimizations and integrations of new features. This results in greater continuity of service for your application, which will always be up-to-date and on top!

Cost optimization

The use of opensource packages allows us to optimize timelines and, as a result, reduce costs in the development and maintenance phases without sacrificing product quality.


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