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DevOps: how does it work?

At Astrorei, we adopt DevOps methodology to optimize the workflow of all our digital projects, from design to development and deployment processes. In this way we maximize communication and collaboration between our development (Dev) team and the IT operation (Ops) department.

The main objective is to streamline development processes. In fact, thanks to this approach, we manage to speed up the build, test and release cycle of each project by lowering development costs and minimizing time-to-market. In addition, each new version released will always be more reliable and secure than the previous one. Along with DevOps, we also adopt the Agile methodology, which alternates between development and release phases in order to optimize the project after each step thanks to the feedback detected.

The Astrorei team uses the DevOps approach for backend webapp development, microservices deployment, and management of all server and Cloud services. In particular, we use AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and Firebase.

  1. AWS: Amazon's cloud provider with the most advanced features (machine learning, artificial intelligence, data leak, analytics, and IOT services) allows us to work in an agile way while optimizing cost and performance.
  2. Azure: very similar to AWS in features and functionality, it is a hybrid platform imprinted with Microsoft technologies that allows us to collaborate on code development to create and deploy applications quickly and flexibly.
  3. Google Cloud: part of the Google Cloud suite, GCP is a cloud computing platform that provides modular services such as information storage, computational applications, data analysis and machine learning.
  4. Firebase: it is the Google-supported serverless platform for creating mobile, web and cross-platform applications that offers various features, such as databases with noSQL structures, messaging systems and automated control reporting.

Our software house is distinguished by its agile, dynamic and flexible approach. Thanks to DevOps, we quickly develop the perfect product for your company, designed and developed in detail and according to your needs.

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Examples of use


We adopt DevOps methodology in all phases of backend development to build custom solutions.


We design and build web-based applications tailored for companies by optimizing internal workflow processes.


We implement microservices on existing projects by integrating new features and improving performance.


We also make use of this operational strategy to manage servers and Cloud services.



Why you should choose the DevOps approach

Development using a DevOps approach provides a competitive advantage both in the development phases and during implementations after the first release. This operational strategy also provides several advantages to our customers. Here are the main ones:

Speed and agility

Optimizing the workflow allows us to maximize the productivity of all operational phases by adopting a methodology that is agile, flexible, and responsive to client feedback. In this way we are able to adapt the project to new client-specific needs and requests immediately after each release.

Reduced time-to-market

We offer companies a fast and efficient service that ensures less time-to-market. In fact, optimizing the development, testing and release processes allows us to speed up the operational phases and minimize project delivery and publication time.


Through continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD), changes made to the code are tested continuously. This control automation greatly affects the stability and quality of the project, preventing the occurrence of errors and problems in the production and modification stages.


Thanks to this approach, we build digital solutions that are scalable, that is, structured with a backend architecture that allows us to intervene with frequent maintenance and implementation, reducing the risk of inconsistencies in the code.

Cost optimization

This method enables us to operate with efficiency, security and flexibility, optimizing resource management, speeding up development timelines and lowering development costs.


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Technologies and Tools

Here are some of the tools and technologies we use to design and develop customized software for our clients.

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