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We design and develop augmented reality and virtual reality applications for your business.


Augmented and Virtual Reality Apps

At Astrorei, we develop AR and VR applications that can interact with 3D objects. Thanks to our experience and know-how in the digital sector, we offer an innovative service that anticipates market needs, giving our clients a significant competitive advantage over their competitors.

Specifically, we deal with integrating 3d models into applications, websites or web apps to enrich the user experience through the use of augmented reality and virtual reality.

Our Agile approach also allows us to work step by step: we alternate between the design and development phases and the release phases to allow the client to test the prototype and monitor the progress of the app. Based on the feedback received, we are then able to modify and optimize the project throughout the work-in-progress until final customer approval and final release.

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Our customers

We listen carefully to each client's needs, adapting and customizing our services in relation to specific business objectives. In case of team integration, our tailored approach allows us to work in perfect synergy with the client company's team. Our services are chosen by:


Large companies looking for a partner specializing in 3D development for the creation of VR/AR projects.


Fast-growing businesses looking for a development team to create a new Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality project.


Small and medium businesses looking to land on the digital AR/VR sector to sponsor their products or services through highly innovative applications.


All agencies looking for a partner to collaborate with to implement 3D projects.


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