Custom software development

Get the most for your business through the development of the best custom software solutions, designed and built entirely based on your needs.

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Custom software development

Astrorei is the software house specializing in custom solutions for companies. We manage each project 360 degrees, from design to publication in full compliance with the set business goals.

We employ the best frontend and backend technologies and make the most of them to ensure the most effective IT solutions. Specifically, we deal with Web App and mobile application development, but that’s not all: we also build E-commerce sites, MVP and IoT solutions with a view to optimizing functionality and performance. Whatever your need, the Astrorei Team will know how to concretize the ideal solution for your business.

Our greatest strength is our ability to fully understand the needs of each Client in order to adopt the most effective technologies and offer a product of the highest quality. This is the added value of our service: we make your goals our own in order to be able to intervene with the best digital solution.

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Our customers

We listen to the customer's needs and develop the best solution for their requirements. The Astrorei team has a solid know-how in the field of software development, which is why we are able to develop tailor-made solutions for different industries.


Large companies that need a customized, cross-platform, full-featured, integrated software product.


Fast-growth companies that need a customized MVP.


Small and medium-sized companies that are better off outsourcing rather than creating an in-house software development team.


All agencies looking for an external team with which to start a lasting partnership to implement software projects for their clients.



Six reasons why you should choose us to develop your software

Custom solutions

We offer software solutions tailored to the specific needs of our Clients.

Complete support

We provide comprehensive technical support by managing each project 360 degrees at every stage of the project.

Performance optimization

We build software by optimizing functionality and performance in full compliance with the Client's time and budget.

High quality

Thanks to our talents, we are able to produce the highest quality products with cutting-edge technologies.

Cutting edge technologies

We employ state-of-the-art technologies and make the most of them to ensure the most effective and business-friendly solutions.

Cost optimization

By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and the potential of Cloud services, we are able to optimize the cost of each project.


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The development phases

During the first meeting, we present our services and carefully analyze the Client's project by understanding objectives, targets, budget and timelines.

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