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Web App Development

We specialize in custom web app design and development for businesses.


Web Application Development

We design, analyze and develop web apps by implementing procedures to achieve MVP to enter the market immediately, while ensuring fast and continuous release of additional features.

Our team adopts Agile methodology to development, involving the client in all phases of the project and generating a flexible product that is totally in line with the client's needs and requirements. In fact, the constant analysis of user feedback on which our approach is based allows us to make the necessary changes in a timely manner, adapting applications to the market without loss of resources.

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Our customers

We listen to the client's needs and work out the best solution for their requirements. The Astrorei team has a strong know-how in web development, which is why we are able to develop different types of web applications, for different sectors. Specifically, our services are designed for:


Large companies that need a custom web app for workflow management and organization of internal processes.


Fast-growing businesses looking for a specialized development team to build a custom web app.


Small and medium-sized enterprises that need custom software based on their business model to optimize work organization.


All agencies looking for a partner company to collaborate on a web app project for their clients.


Web App Consulting

At Astrorei, we believe that the basis of a good product is careful and detailed design. We do not just develop the best solution at the technological level, but also at the strategic level. We come alongside our clients, analyzing their needs, supporting them in setting priorities and identifying the most appropriate technologies.

Not only are we a development team, but we are also expert consultants capable of leading companies during decision-making and design processes.


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We adopt the best cutting-edge technologies in order to develop projects with the highest possible life-time value and a reduction in cost and development time.

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