System Integration

We offer system integration services, across platforms and various enterprise software, in order to optimize business process management.


Make your business an integrated system

Astrorei acts as a system integrator for companies that want to combine different software into a single IT environment.

The activity of system integration makes it possible to connect different information systems into one simple and optimized software solution. In fact, system integration solutions allow not only to be able to integrate different departments and business processes, but also to be able to keep track of the operation of all activities and implement decision-making and strategic processes.

Underlying all our activities is the constant discussion with the client to ensure the right alignment between activities and the business objectives to be achieved. Since every company has unique systems, applications and processes, we are convinced that there cannot be a single model and a single solution that can adapt to all realities. Our team works in continuous synergy with the client to design the solution that best fits the specific business reality.

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We listen to each client's needs and make their goals our own by providing our experience and know-how.


Large companies that need an integrated solution to connect all their IT tools in an accessible, secure and efficient way.


Fast-growing businesses looking for support to optimize their IT system or to create one from scratch with customized solutions.


Companies that need an effective integrated system of their internal systems to optimize internal organization and workflow.


All business activities that wish to turn to a partner specializing in system integration of software, networks, and IT services.


Advantages of System Integration

An efficient system integration allows not only to integrate information systems, but also to make the internal organization more efficient and available to operators, employees, and customers.

One of the main advantages offered by these solutions is the time savings derived from optimizing the tools used in the company. In fact, creating an IT infrastructure in which information is automatically shared among different software allows data to be available at all times and to be retrieved quickly, resulting in improved efficiency of business processes.

Another benefit is cost reduction. In fact, using many different software can make a company's IT system inefficient and consequently more costly. By switching to an interconnected system, on the other hand, costs can be maximized.

Finally, system integration allows for greater dynamism and responsiveness to changing business needs and is therefore a key factor for all companies looking toward innovation and growth.

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Tools and Technologies

In order to achieve these results, we use the latest technologies and analysis tools, such as PowerBI, Spark, Airflow, Aws Glue, Prestov and Google Analytics.

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