Strategic consulting

Astrorei offers the strategic consulting service to help your company in all phases of analysis, problem-solving, decision-making and technical design of software or applications.

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IT development consulting

We help companies in all sectors identify the best solutions to implement their projects, defining a comprehensive, clear and effective strategic plan.

The service is designed for all companies that need to deal with a professional specialized in software design and development before starting a new project. In fact, thanks to a personalized consultation, it is possible to analyze the starting strategy, assess all variables and possible problems in order to solve critical issues while optimizing time and resources.

Planning in advance the implementation of a digital project allows you to act methodically and organizationally once the actual development phase begins, minimizing unforeseen events and avoiding wasted budgets.

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Our customers

The high specialization and experience of our team allow us to confront and support realities of different sectors and sizes. In particular, our strategic consulting service is suitable for:


Large companies that need to integrate a team of consultants experienced in decision-making processes for software development strategy.


Fast-growth agencies looking for a professional consultant they can turn to in order to devise more effective marketing strategies.


Small and medium-sized businesses that wish to entrust strategic decisions to a highly specialized external consultant.


All entrepreneurial activities that need strategic advice for their core business.



Why you should rely on Astrorei

We are specialized in the implementation and maintenance of software and applications, we have been doing this activity for years with passion and we know perfectly the entire development cycle: analysis, design, development, testing and maintenance. Our industry expertise provides us with the tools and know-how to support our Clients in decision-making and design, in order to develop quality projects without losing sight of costs and minimizing time-to-market. Here are some reasons why you should rely on us for strategic consulting.

Dedicated approach

You will receive comprehensive IT consulting for each of your projects. Based on your business needs, we will know how to advise you on the most effective strategies and technologies best suited for implementation.

Tailored Support

We offer tailored technical support by selecting specialists from our Development Team to build 100% custom software and applications.


We guarantee a high level of expertise in the strategic area, as well as transparency, clarity and professionalism in meeting pre-established business objectives.

Proactive approach

We are always at your disposal to best react to changing strategic business needs. We analyze feedback and critical issues of a software product with a proactive approach aimed at problem solving.


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All collaboration stages

During the first meeting, we actively listen to the Client's project specifications and present the modalities of our consulting services.

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