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Specializing in mobile app development, we at Astrorei design and build custom hybrid, native and semi-native apps.


Custom mobile Apps

We design, build and develop custom mobile apps: our tailored and flexible Agile approach allows us to enter the market immediately while ensuring fast and continuous release of additional features.

We offer a comprehensive service in all operational phases including strategic consulting in the early stages of the project and full support even after release. In fact, user feedback analysis allows us to make timely changes necessary to adapt the application to the market without loss of resources.

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Our customers

The Astrorei team experts have been working on custom mobile application development for years, with constant attention to new technologies and market changes. Specifically, our services address:


Large companies that have the goal of releasing a new app to the market from a B2C or B2B perspective.


Fast-growing businesses that need to develop a customized app based on their needs.


Small and medium-sized businesses that need a customized mobile app to improve productivity and internal organization.


All agencies looking for a reliable partner with whom to collaborate on mobile platform projects.


Native and Hybrid Mobile Apps

Mobile applications can be distinguished into hybrid, native and semi-native. The Astrorei team can implement these three types by choosing the best solution based on the client's specific needs.

Native app development

We design and build native apps for iOS and Android operating systems. Native apps have many advantages for Companies. They are easily downloadable on Google Play and Apple Store and do not necessarily require Internet access to be browsed. They feature customizable push notifications to keep users up to date with the latest news. They also have the advantage of being able to communicate directly with other applications on the user's device. In fact, our development team can implement various features through interaction with the address book, geolocation services, camera, and microphone.

Hybrid app development

We also develop hybrid apps, a practical solution that combines the advantages of native and web apps. Like the latter, in fact, they are easier to develop, thus reducing implementation costs. In addition, just like native apps, hybrid apps are downloadable by users from Google Play and Apple stores and also allow push notifications.

Semi-native app development

Using the Flutter and React Native frameworks, the Astrorei team also offers this alternative solution, which is a middle ground between the previous two. In fact, semi-natives are cross-platform like hybrids, but they do not require a browser like natives. That is why they are a great compromise to optimize the performance of an application without having to lengthen the development time and increase the budget.


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We adopt the best cutting-edge technologies to develop projects with the highest possible life-time value and a reduction in cost and development time.

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