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Java development for software and mobile apps

Java is an object-oriented programming language that enables the development of different types of software with flexibility and efficiency. We make use of this language to create custom software for enterprises, including mobile, desktop, Cloud-based, and Web-based applications, but also for <a>Big Data</a> management and analysis.

As one of the most widely used languages in the world, Java allows us to work with numerous libraries and frameworks, facilitating the development stages and providing a high level of customization.

Another major advantage is the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), a kind of processor capable of interpreting bytecode contained within .class. files. In fact, the JVM allows programs compiled in bytecode to run on major operating systems, general purpose or embedded. Other languages also compile in bytecode and are executed by the JVM taking advantage of the cross-platform advantage. Some of these languages are

  1. Kotlin: it has become the default language for programming native applications on the Android system.
  2. Scala: it is a multi-paradigm code often used for Big Data analysis, as it integrates seamlessly with the entire Java ecosystem.
We recommend the use of this multi-purpose language both for integrations on existing projects and for new custom products, especially if you already have other software developed in Java. This is because, due to the modular nature of the language, it will be possible for us to reuse many parts of code, thus speeding up development time and reducing implementation costs.

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When you should use it

Mobile Apps on Android

We use this language for the creation of applications for smartphones and tablets, especially for the development of native apps on Android, which is also developed in Java.

Big Data management and analysis

All major Big Data systems are written in Java (Hadoop, Hbase, Hive, Spark) and this allows us to manage and analyze data more quickly and efficiently.

Web Backend

Together with the Springboot framework and the hibernate ORM, Java allows us to create APIs quickly and easily, thus limiting boilerplate code.

Desktop Apps

We also use this language for Desktop applications as well as Web-based, Cloud-based, and embedded systems.



The advantages in development

Development in Java has many advantages from which both our developers and our client companies can benefit. Here are the main ones:

Quick development

The efficiency of this programming language allows us to operate on each project quickly. This allows us to optimize timelines, minimize implementation costs, and guarantee the customer less time-to-market.

Flexible programming

Being an object-oriented language, Java allows us to effectively reuse codes and syntax already written. In addition, it includes OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) aspects such as abstraction, polymorphism, inheritance and encapsulation allowing us to reuse Java codes in other programming languages as well.

Increased security

This language provides a high level of security by protecting access to memory areas. In addition, thanks to the garbage collector there is no need to release memory areas that are no longer used.

Multithreading capability

Java can execute more than one thread at a time. This means that the performance of digital applications developed in this language is greatly optimized due to the simultaneous execution of multiple processes and increased CPU efficiency.

Platform independence

The compiled code (bytecode) is independent of the original platform in which it was written and can therefore run on any Java Virtual Machine, regardless of the operating system. In other words, as the famous WORA motto saysDUEPUNTI write once, run anywhere.

Easy maintenance

As one of the most widely used languages in the world, there is no risk that its technologies will no longer be updated or supported by browsers or operating systems. In addition, due to its simple maintenance, our developers will always be able to integrate new features on all applications developed in Java.


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