Dedicated development team

We make our talents available to all companies that need to support their internal staff with a team of highly specialized software developers.

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Outsourced Development Team

At Astrorei, we provide our know-how, expertise and resources for the software development such as Web App, Mobile App, IoT systems and other custom solutions.

In contrast to body rental, which is very common in the IT industry, our service involves close collaboration between our professionals and the Client's resources. We believe that through an Agile methodology and a tailored approach it is possible to achieve a higher standard of quality. Transparency, clarity and adherence to shared guidelines have always made us stand out, allowing us to collaborate successfully with companies from different sectors.

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Our customers

Our service is ideal for professional collaborations both on new projects and existing projects. It is designed for enterprices, SMEs, startups and agencies that want to improve performance, quality and security of their software.


Large companies that need to provide their staff with a highly specialized External Development Team, or create one from scratch.


Fast-growing businesses that need help with early decision-making and strategic choices for technologies, as well as long-term support to effectively manage beta-testing, bug-fixing, and technical issues.


Companies that need help finding high-skilled professionals and are better off outsourcing rather than creating an in-house development team.


All entrepreneurial activities that need a custom software product and are better served by a dedicated team rather than the body rental service.



Six reasons why you should choose a dedicated development team

Certainly, relying on a dedicated development team allows companies to eliminate initial investments, such as acquiring expertise and finding specialized human resources. But that's not all! Here you are, the other advantages.

Quick startup

Rapid startup, resulting in optimized project timelines and reduced time-to-market.

Heterogeneous Skills

We offer heterogeneous skills to be leveraged as needs evolve.

Team scale up/down

Ability to modulate team workforce based on growth and market needs.

Strategic support

We offer specialized strategic consulting for decision-making and problem-solving phases.

Agile methodology

We use an Agile approach to optimize work and maximize communication with the Client.

Customized solutions

We offer customized solutions based on specific customer needs.


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Collaboration phases

In the first meeting with the Client, we listen carefully to the needs and analyze targets, objectives, budget, and timelines of the current or new project.

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