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Front end developers

Our team of front end developers consists of talents with extremely versatile technical skills. We offer desktop, web and mobile application design and development service, choosing the most suitable development platform from Angular, Vue, React, React Native, Flutter, Svelte and Solid based on each client's technical project characteristics, preferences and business goals.

Complementary to the backend, interface development includes everything related to the graphical-visual part necessary to make the user interact with the product, an indispensable function in all digital projects. Thanks to our Agile approach and DevOps methodology, we guarantee an extremely flexible, fast and efficient tailor-made service, optimizing workflows and maximizing the technological resources at our disposal.

Frontend Web Development

We develop responsive and user-friendly web interfaces to improve the user experience within websites and e-commerce. An interface that is optimized for every kind of user greatly increases retention on the web app, encourages engagement, and improves conversion rates.

Frontend Development for Desktop

Our desktop UI development team designs and implements functional interfaces on all operating systems. Our know-how allows us to create cross-platform applications that are easily usable on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Frontend Development for Mobile

We specialize in creating user-friendly and intuitive user interfaces for native, semi-native or hybrid applications. Through the use of innovative frameworks we are able to create cross-platform mobile applications on both Android and iOS always paying the utmost attention to the end-user experience.

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Front-end Projects

Static websites

We use the Vue and React platforms for designing and creating static websites.

Web apps

We also develop on these frameworks for creating web-based applications and dynamic websites.

Desktop apps

We build cross-platform desktop applications for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Mobile apps

We develop native, hybrid and semi-native smartphone applications compatible with iOS and Android operating systems.



Choosing the development platform for the implementation of a digital project is the first big step to its success. For this reason, before starting the development phases, the Astrorei team listens carefully to the client's needs, so that together we can determine the solution most in line with the set goals.

In addition to the classic Angular, React, Vue, and Flutter, Astrorei also uses Solid - a declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for UI development - and Svelte - an innovative framework for JavaScript application development that presents an innovative approach to rendering management.

Here are the main differences and advantages of these technologies and, most importantly, the criteria we use to choose the best framework for each project.


We use React, one of the most widely used open-source libraries, for the creation or modification of new web, mobile and hybrid projects. Designed and implemented by Meta, this technology has in fact been used to create Facebook, but also Instagram, Whatsapp, Netflix and many other large companies.

In addition, thanks to the integration of various graphic libraries and additional tools (such as Redux, React Router, and React Native), we are able to offer our clients a fully customized digital product based on specific business needs.

React Native

React Native is the technology designed by Meta that enables the development of native applications using JavaScript code. The main advantage of this tool is the simplification of production processes, as it enables the creation of native mobile apps using a single language.

This technology allows javascript code to be executed on the various platforms, while the graphics part is translated into native.


It is the most comprehensive open-source front-end web framework of the three, but also the most complex to work with. For this reason, the Astrorei team uses Angular for the most complex digital projects.
Designed and supported by Google, this JavaScript-based platform has been used by development teams at Microsoft Office, Gmail, PayPal, and Samsung.

Angular offers an MVVM (model view viewModel) structure, an integrated module system and excellent routing combined with a dependency injection system. Again, customization of the final product is maximized.


Vue is an open-source progressive framework. We use this JavaScript-based technology for creating user interfaces and single page applications. Among the large companies that have chosen Vue for their projects there are Glovo, Grammarly, Trivago, and Adobe Portfolio.

Since it is a progressive framework, it is ideal in cases where there is a need to gradually integrate Vue on already established projects. Just like React, it is geared toward the development of reusable components and uses a Virtual Dom to make the interface interactive.

Due to its ease of development, it is also possible to decrease the time-to-market, thus optimizing costs and timelines.


We make use of Flutter, the open-source framework devised by Google, for designing and building apps for mobile, and desktop devices. In fact, this UI toolkit allows us to use a single codebase for cross-platform app development on iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, and Windows.

This is made possible by the Flutter Engine written in Dart, Skia and C/C++, which allows us to develop using Dart as the only programming language. Thanks to the Hot Reloading feature, whereby any changes are displayed instantly during all phases of development, we gain a significant competitive advantage in terms of production timelines and costs.


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Technologies and tools

Here are some tools and technologies we use for front-end development.

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