Backend development for IOT

We specialize in backend development for IOT apps, which are critical for enabling networked apps to communicate effectively with each other.


Development for IOT devices

Astrorei is the software house specializing in backend design and development for IOT services for companies in all industries. Specifically, we deal with the creation of servers, databases and integrations related to the Internet of Things, that is the interconnected system of the so-called "new Internet."

The applications of our IOT device servers are many: from home automation to the transportation sector, from security systems to automation for Industry 4.0. Whatever your business needs, the Astrorei team will know how to find the best custom solution for your business.

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Application examples

Smart Building

We create the servers and mobile applications needed in home automation to enable/disable a service, such as turning lights on and off, opening and closing a gate, automating shutters, etc.

Smart Sensing

We create the servers and databases for collecting, analyzing, and processing data from IOT sensors, such as temperature, air quality, or road traffic detection systems.

Smart Mobility

We create an IT infrastructure that enables remote management of key mobility devices, such as traffic lights and electric car charging systems.

4.0 industry

We build servers for IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) applications, which are essential for effectively operating and automating industrial processes by leveraging the AI of modern robotics.


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