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We develop user-friendly desktop apps and client-server applications tailored to specific business needs.


Customized Desktop App

At Astrorei, we specialize in custom desktop app design and development for businesses in every industry. Our team of professionals uses the best frontend and backend technologies to build 100% customized software based on the client's needs.

We develop custom solutions with cross-platform functionality, which are multi-user, comprehensive of installer and compatible with all major operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux). We adopt an Agile approach by alternating development and release phases in order to offer a tailored and flexible service, taking into account customer feedback throughout the work-in-progress.

We help you develop a desktop app for your business.
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Our customers

The Astrorei team has strong expertise in Desktop application development and collaborates with companies from different industries to build custom apps. Specifically, our customers are:


Large companies that aim at releasing a new desktop application to the market from a B2C or B2B perspective.


Fast-growing businesses that need desktop software to optimize their internal work-flow.


Small and medium enterprises looking for a specialized team to design and implement a desktop app tailored to their business.


All agencies that need a partner for the development phases of customized applications.


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