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Development in .Net for software and mobile apps

.NET is a very versatile open source development platform designed and developed by Microsoft. It provides developers with a variety of features, including the ability to program with different languages (C#, F#, Visual Basic and PowerShell scripting). This framework is based on a high-performance runtime and also allows the use of asynchronous and concurrent programming models.

Widely used in the Microsoft environment because of its innate compatibility with the Windows operating system, this platform has several technologies that allow development on other OSes as well. With the introduction of .NET6, in fact, Microsoft has moved the framework more and more toward open source, improving the quality of services offered by .NET Core. The latter is in fact a cross-platform system and allows software to be compiled on Linux, Mac, IOS and Android as well.

In addition, an ASP.NET Core version has also been created. This latter makes it possible to develop web apps and host them on Linux machines. Finally, with the introduction of .NET MAUI (.NET Multi-platform App UI), it is possible to create both desktop and mobile cross-platform applications with a single codebase in C#.

Astrorei uses these frameworks according to each client's needs to develop custom mobile, desktop, web-based applications for companies in every industry. Our service is based on a tailor-made approach for the realization of customized digital projects by providing our know-how and experience. We use the agile methodology that allows us to develop each project in full collaboration with the client proceeding step by step based on the feedback received during the work-in-progress.

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.NET: framework for every need


Ideal for developing mobile, desktop and web-based applications for all projects to be integrated on Microsoft platforms, but also video games with the help of C# and the well-known game engine Unity.


Suitable for creating custom web apps using the C# language.

.NET Core

We use this cross-platform platform to compile software also for the other operating systems such as Linux, Mac, IOS and Android.


This technology allows us to build web apps and host them on Linux machines improving performance and reducing costs.

.NET MAUI (.NET Multi-platform App UI)

It allows us to create cross-platform applications on Android, IOS, Linux, Mac and Windows with a single codebase.



Why you should develop in .NET

Development in .NET has many advantages for both our developers and our client companies. In fact, this technology has been chosen by many large companies, including Dell, Xero, StackOverflow and W3schools. So here are the main benefits of this developer platform:

Quick development

The efficiency of this framework allows us to operate quickly on each project, optimizing timelines and providing the client with reduced costs and shorter time-to-market.

High customization

We are able to offer highly customized web, desktop and mobile solutions thanks to access to the various libraries available. In fact, the breadth of class libraries allows us to intervene on the code by customizing each element of the project with ease and speed of execution.

Increased security

This platform provides a high level of security through managed code and CLR (Common Language Runtime), which offer several data safeguard features including role-based security and source code access management.

Flexible programming

Since this is object-oriented programming, the framework allows us to reuse syntax and code already written. This results in greater efficiency in code writing and a consequent reduction in production costs.

Language interoperability

Language compilers intended for the .NET Framework generate an intermediate code called CIL (Common Intermediate Language) that is itself compiled at runtime via CLR. This allows us to operate with routines written in a programming language that will then be transformed and made accessible to other languages.

Easy maintenance

This framework facilitates post-publication implementations through a number of features such as controlled code sharing and side-by-side versioning, which allow us to intervene on projects with the advantage of scalability.


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